7+ yr professional freelance writer / 20+ yr licensed AV-rated attorney
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specializing in legal issues, voluntary simplicity, and optimized (SEO) writing for law firms
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Reba Kennedy writes for web and print.  Her work is routinely seen in a variety of national publications, including the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters,, Computer Shopper, AnswerBag,, and AllGreen as well as regional publications across the country and trade publications like the Florida Defender.  

Working with famed marketing guru Bob Bly, Reba was a pioneer in the e-book marketplace: her first e-book, Legal Issues for Writers, was published by CTC Publishing ($29.95) in 2007.  

In 2011, Reba was honored to be asked by nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer and founder of the Florida Capital Resource Center, Terence Lenamon, to co-author a public-interest book, published solely for Kindle readers, as The Death Penalty Indigent Defense Crisis: Representing the Poor when the State wants to Kill Them and it's Paying Your Bill.  

She was also esteemed to have been entrusted with co-authoring a public interest blog with Judge Tom Rickhoff in 2008 - 2010, where information helpful to the community was shared (e.g., "10 Tips When Visiting the Courthouse," and "Caregiver Support: Angel Food Ministries Is Great - Quality Food for Half Price.").

Her  voluntary simplicity lifestyle blog, Everyday Simplicity, has been nationally syndicated since 2006 and a subscription to her blog RebaKennedy.Lawyer.Writer. is available for purchase at Important to those interested in internet publications, Reba consistently achieves top Google rankings (top 1-5) in search results numbering in the millions with these results holding steady over a period of years. 

Early in her writing career, Reba worked as an independent contractor to the nationally-known legal marketing firm PaperStreet Web Design, communicating with law firms around the United States (and around the world) and writing website content incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) standards necessary to compete for the top Google Search Engine rankings in the competitive internet legal marketing arena.  Examples of that early SEO content work include:

Mithras Gulf Consulting (Bahrain)

Kenneth J. Allen & Associates (Chicago)

Farr, Farr, Emerich, Hackett and Carr, P.A. (Florida).

Today, Reba continues to write for law firm clients needing e-book, blogging, in-depth article, or white paper content.  Reba also provides consulting services to individuals and firms seeking support and guidance regarding internet publications, both in building and maintaining social media strategies as well as writing content for websites, blogs, in-depth articles for the web, and other works intended for publication on the internet.  

For more information, consult Reba's Amazon author page, or write her at if you are interested in learning more about her portfolio or reviewing .pdf versions of her published work.  

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