7+ yr professional freelance writer / 20+ yr licensed AV-rated attorney
web and print
specializing in legal issues, voluntary simplicity, and optimized (SEO) writing for law firms
writing | editing | researching | ghostwriting

  • AV-rated 20+ year licensed attorney 
  • 7+ years professional writing experience 
  • articles for print or web, varied word count
  • e-books and print-on-demand publications  
  • search engine optimized (SEO) content expertise
  • consulting with lawyers on writing for sites, blogs, social media
  • ghostwriter  
  • blogger
  • consultant on copyright infringement and defamation concerns
  • has written / edited SEO content for 500+ web sites and blogs / blawgs 
  • published in variety of national publications (Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, CNN.COM, etc.) as well as regional and trade publications 
  • focus: legal issues, voluntary simplicity lifestyle, and web content concerns
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